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Help with Simpe Wall Objects
Hello all, I'm very new to object creation and I followed a tutorial on how to convert ts4 to ts2. I got all the step correct, mesh, GUID, texture. However it is on the ground, and in the thumbnail it has a shadow were the picture is suppose to be. I heard wall object have a different placement, but I cannot find a tutorial. Thank You!

Sorry If this is in the wrong place. (Also first time posting) I've uploaded a copy of my Birth Certificate package file for those who want to see inside.
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Items work a little different in TS2 and TS4, so their initial placement is off from each other in the mesh file.

TS4 wall items are in floor height and roughly in the midpoint.
TS2 wall items are in proper ingame height and a little off the midpoint, where the wall would be ingame.

Basically, you need to use another TS2 wall item as a guide, or you'll never get it right.

Ideally you'd export the mesh from a newly cloned mesh file (before you import another mesh), import this into your meshing program of choice, then import in the mesh you want to convert, move it so it overlaps with the TS2 item in all directions, and then delete the TS2 mesh before you export as OBJ. If you want to have a shadow, you should keep the original TS2 shadow mesh and tweak/resize this to fit the new mesh (the TS4 shadows are not ideal for TS2 use). You can also change names and such, but that's not usually needed if you're exporting as OBJ and using the advanced mode in SimPE (lets you replace meshes with any name).

If you don't have the original mesh, just clone the`TS2 item again, and export the OBJ from it. You can delete the file after.

Oh, and if you want to make sure your item is recolorable, you need to either clone an already recolorable item, or make sure you've properly installed the CEP before cloning. And also remember that if you're making a new mesh, it needs a new GUID, or it may cause trouble ingame (may overwrite the original item, maybe even cause crashes because of GUID conflicts).
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I did what you said, and got it to hang on the wall.
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