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Default The Oddballs of Moonlight Falls.




Long ago, the four supernatural races lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when this challenge attacked...

This challenge will involve creating a household composed of supernatural sims that CANNOT be created in create-a-sim. Depending on the expansion packs you have, the family will include one supernatural from each pack.

To begin, create a human sim. YA or older, any gender, color or creed, but they must have the Supernatural Fan and Friendly traits. Plonk them down in Moonlight Falls and have them acquire new family members.

-World Adventures: You could go to Egypt and get all the stuff you need for a Mummy, or you could build a lot in town and fill it with digsite spawners.
-Ambitions: You can build yourself a simbot, or earn one through lifetime happiness points.
-Pets: You can get a Unicorn if you'd like, but this challenge mainly focuses on the humanoid supernaturals. It's not required. You can also add whatever pets you'd like to the family.
-Showtime: Find a genie lamp or earn one with lifetime happiness points
-Seasons: Convince an alien to move in
-University life: You can either turn your "normal" sim into a plantsim or have them raise a plantsim baby.
-Island Paradise: Since the only premade mermaids are in Isla Paradiso, you'll have to invite a normal sim into the family and turn them via magic kelp (Also permanent mermaid lifetime reward, because there's like no saltwater in Moonlight falls)
-Into the Future: Build yourself a plumbot!

Once you've acquired all these new sims, you can turn the game over to focusing on fulfilling their lifetime wishes and spanning the generations.

Have Fun!
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I'm gonna do this! I'm thinking, I'm gonna change one thing about this and see how it goes; all sims must find their way into the family tree
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