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Default Converting A Sims 2 Accessory Mesh--How To Make It Lie Flat On The Shoulders?
I found a mesh for epaulets that Wawa had created for the Sims 2, and immediately decided I must convert it for my own personal use--the Supervillain uniform, IMO, would be greatly improved with a pair of epaulets. The S2 accessory is set as a pair of glasses; I was considering making it a necklace, or perhaps a bracelet.

Here is the link.

I tried following Bloom's 2-to-3 conversion so that the bone assignments/locations aren't totally messed up, and realized very quickly that following the instructions for fixing the arms gave the model a set of epaulet "wings." Not the look I was going for.

What I would like to do is have the epaulets lying relatively flat against the point of the Sim's shoulder. Obviously I need to align them with an upper torso joint--my first instinct is the "shoulder twist" joint, but I'm concerned that it would cause the epaulets to go flying around in a painful and unrealistic manner when the Sim is gesturing. My other option would probably be the collarbone.

Should I just examine the joint positions on the S3 skeleton and then copy them as necessary? Or is there a better way to do this?
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Hi there!

Basically, the only way to fix this really is to adjust the bones in milkshape 3D. Simplyimaginarypeople made an awesome tutorial on that riiiiight here:

Now, obviously that doesn't really explain how to fix this, but I would watch this video to at least get the hang of figuring out how to edit bones manually Once you know how, you actually want to select the entire mesh of one shoulder (so leave the other one unselected) And I guess assign b_L/R_ShoulderTwist to one and then for the other shoulder obviously the same but for the right... if that makes any sense? If it doesn't, then let me know
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