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Default Assigning Joints/Bones to a mesh
Hello everyone!

(Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place)

I've recently been trying to create a Japanese 'oiran' hairstyle - using a modified version of the Sims 3 Store 'Shimada' hairstyle.

Anyhow - I've had a lot of difficulty actually getting the hair to appear on the sims head in the TSR workshop... but this isn't surprising since I really have no idea how assigning bones/joints works

(In blue is the part I added on)

I'm yet to actually add any texture to the 'stuck' on hair piece at the back... but I'm really at a loss at how to fix this Currently the 'base' hair piece and my added mesh are grouped as one - and I've tried every bone/joint combination I can but it simply appears in the same position

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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