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Default Sims 3 Resources; Can't Find What I Need
Hi. I'm not sure how to explain this. At there's a sort of map that shows where certain CAS items go as far as textures are concerned. I'm looking for something similar for TS3. I have a top that someone else made, but the textures end up on the bottoms which, if I understand correctly, is a problem with parts of the texture ending up in a section that belongs to bottoms (pants, skirts, etc.). Does that make sense? I want to fix this top but I'd like to have a map like the one for the Sims 4. I hope I'm making sense. Anyway, I thought there was something like that here but I can't find anything. Thank you!

Edit: I *think* this is what I need, but am unsure if it's for TS3.

The top I want to fix doesn't have a mesh; it's just painted onto the sim. The texture, however, is bleeding into skirts and pants and I want to fix the problem.

Edit: Turns out it was the part mask--the parts that belong to the top should be white, and the rest transparent (take a look at the link I posted above to get an idea of what I mean). I cloned a bikini top and imported the multiplier and specular, and since the part mask was correct this time, the problem with the bleeding texture went away.
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