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Default Some Counter Manipulation Tutorials
So recently, I was having some issues with getting counters to look how I wanted them to look, but I found solutions for all of my problems and figured, in case someone wants to do the same, why not post a tutorial?

I was making a counter archway-type thing with the base game's immemorial counters, and I came across three issues.

1. the counter islands kept automatically doing this:

The cabinet-part sides kept shortening, because that's what the counters do when more then one segment is connected.

To fix this, enter the 'cheats' (ctrl+shift+c):

moveobjects on

disbalesnappingtoslotsonalt true

Then, line up as many counters as you need, but add an extra to each end. In my situation, I only needed two, so I did four, like so:

After that, holding down the alt key, move the end counters only slightly away from the center counters (If it's too far, they'll revert to the original position):

Next, use the Sledgehammer Tool to delete the end counters, and you'll end up with this!

So I did this against the archway I put in for the look I was going for, but then I came across problem number 2.

2. The counter in the corner would not turn into a corner, and I don't like overlapping two counters..

So, I did something similar to what I did with the first problem.

First, arrange a normal corner where you want it to go.

Then, hold down the alt key and move one of sides away from the corner piece just slightly.

And finally, once again, use the Sledgehammer Tool to delete the side piece.


Now that was all fine and everything, but I wanted cabinets! That brings me to my last problem.

3. I couldn't get a corner cabinet! And I couldn't repeat the process above because overhead cabinets are wall objects and you can't use the alt key!

So this is where moveobjects on is most important. All I did was align an actual corner:

Bought another overhead cabinet and put it in the same corner of the already existing one.

Used the Sledgehammer Tool on the side cabinet, and lastly, the corner cabinet ***since there are two, only one of them will revert back to the straight position. Use the Sledgehammer Tool on that one***

(Notice how the visible part of the side-facing one is highlighted when holding the sledgehammer tool)

And there you have it!
Three counter manipulations that don't involve any ugly-looking overlapping!

This is how it looks in the home I started.

Hopefully this helps some people!
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