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Default Unknown Parent Challenge
Sims 4 Unknown Parent Challenge

As a child, you have always lived with your (father/mother) as the only (son/daughter) (*gender must match parents gender). Your parent has always told you that your other parent was an evil, conniving manipulative person.
You always believed that there was no way your other parent could be as bad as your current one. Every week, they had a new boyfriend/girlfriend and all of them hated children and treated you terribly. You were a weird kid, so your school was no better.
One day, your parent packed your belongings and told you they were getting married and you were dead weight. They were taking you to the parent that was 'so evil'.
You pulled up to the house and saw that your other parent lived in a mansion and not only that, you had a twin (opposite of your gender.) That and your (father/mother) was royalty and you and your sibling were next in line to run it, depending upon the choice you made as you grew.

-Make 4 sims (1 Male YA and 1 Female YA------ 1 Male Toddler and 1 Female Toddler)
-Pick which one you will be playing as before they age up to children, try and max at all there skills. You can use money cheats and disable needs decay for this section so that parents can use that time to max out the kids skills. Try to have the dad help the son and the mother help the daughter, to go along with the story line.
When they age up, have the man and wife split households, placing them on seperate lots in different towns. One set of them will live in a lavish house, with as much money as they can have... you can max it out to all nines if you want to.
The house that you are in, that parent must have the serial romancer trait and go out alot, set a curfew(if you have the expansion pack) for the latest, or dont set one at all. Your sim (the boy or the girl) is who you will play as for the duration of the challenge. The child and the parent will only communicate through fighting, they will have opposite personalities, while the twins and the other parent will have similar personalitiies. Right before the child ages up into an teen, they must have these guidlines completed.
-A student
-max out all of their kid skills
-reach level 5 in either piano, guitar or violin
-enemies with their parent
-no good friends
-read at least 20 books
-reached level 5 of writing or painting skill
Basically, you have no friends and your mother/father is never around and you keep to yourself.
The day before they turn into a teen, they get into a fight with their parent and they are sent to live with the parent that was told to be 'evil'. When they arrive, they realize that they have a twin and they start rekindling their friendship. You may now play as both of the twins. Before the twins age up, they must have completed these guidelines.

-A students
-max out one mental skill (logic/writing/handiness/video gaming/charisma/rocket science)
-work out at a gym venue at least once
- max out one insipired skill (cooking/mixology/gardening/fishing/gourmet cooking/baking/comedy/painting)
-play one prank on a random sim
-max out piano/guitar/violin
-read at least 20 books
-become good friends with each other.

After they become young adults-

-they must join the same career and cannot get married or have children until they reach the top of the career.
-after they become YA, it is a race to see who completes the goal first, you can play as both or play as the one you would prefer to see succeed.

This is my first challenge and this is a bit choppy, but please tell me what you think. WIll post mine after a bit on my YOUTUBE Channel KarmaJade.
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