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Default Sharkette126's Sims 4 Adoption Challenge!
Sharkette126’s Sims 4 Adoption Challenge Rules

I have seen a few adoption challenges floating around out there, but none of them really clicked with me, so I decided to write my own! Have fun! If you have questions or suggestions, my email can be found at the end of this page!

Note: This challenge *can* become a legacy, but this challenge was built with the idea of adopting and caring for as many children as possible in a single generation because, with my ADHD, a single generation tends to be as long as I can focus on a single game! With enough interest, I may later include revised rules for a legacy. I don’t intend to add points and scoring. If you succeed, you succeed; if you fail a requirement, you fail the challenge. Have fun!

Let’s start with the rules for your starting sim!
  • Start with a single sim. Gender can be customized to your preference, but the sim should be a single young adult.
  • Any traits or aspirations are acceptable for this challenge, but keep in mind the following point...
  • Your starter sim may not have a career outside the home once they begin adopting, as they will need to be home to provide childcare. All money made must come from home-based tasks, such as painting, gardening, writing, etc.
  • Your sim must start on a 50x50 lot (larger is also acceptable, but will make the challenge more difficult!). Your sim may not move from this lot. The purchase of a 50x50 lot will leave you with $10k to build and furnish a basic 1-bedroom home.
  • Your starter sim may marry and have up to one biological child (the goal is to adopt as many children as possible), but may not do so until they have adopted at least 3 children. Your spouse may work outside the home. In addition, if you have a biological child, your child must not be treated any differently from your adopted children.

On to the adoption rules!
  • I encourage random rolling/diversity when adopting, but you can pick and choose which children to adopt if you like.
  • Your sim cannot begin adopting until a room has been built and fully furnished for the incoming child. If you choose to random roll, then the room must be built, with a minimum of $5k available to furnish the room immediately following the adoption.
  • Each child must max out at least one skill in each life stage. Brownie points for each extra maxed skill. It would also be preferable for one of their Life Skills bars to be maxed out positively, but not necessary; however, a score resulting in a negative trait will result in failing the challenge.
  • Kids must get a minimum of a B in school. A’s preferred, but B’s allowed if teen has a job.
  • You must interact with all of the current children in your care at least once per day; no ignoring the kiddos!
  • As soon as one of the children reaches YA stage, they should get a job and then move out to make room for more children.

*If you want to make this a legacy challenge, it can be done in one of several ways. One would be your sim’s decision to retire when your sim and their spouse reach elder stage. At that point, you may either move a previous child in and move the elders out, or the eldest child currently living in the home can simply take over once they reach YA stage. In either case, the heir would assume responsibility both for raising all the younger children still in the home, so that their parents can truly enjoy retirement, and continuing the adoption chain (all rules for your starter sim then applying; must quit any outside job). The other way that you could switch would be to wait until your starter sim/spouse reach elder stage or pass away, and then choose one of their children, including one who has already moved out, to succeed them. This could be any child, but this child must start with a clean slate; new lot, new house. If you have any other suggestions, keep them coming! Thank you!*
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I'm going to make the room-adding slightly different working but this is great!
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