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The Neighborhood Storyline Challenge
This challenge is for all those who love playing a pre-made neighborhood by following it's already given storyline!

(Warning: This might be a bit of a long challenge!)

So to begin, you have to choose between these Neighborhoods and the Characters that come with them:

BellaDonna Cove: (Came with Apartment Life)

Cordial (they should pass on their magic to their children and so forth)

Desiderata Valley:(Came with Free Time)


Riverblossom Hills:(Came with Seasons)



Burb (optional)
Oldie (optional)




Capp families
Monty families

And because I like the characters from Bluewater Village (came with Open for Business)
you can also use them for this challenge if you'd like:

Bluewater Village:



What to do: If they aren't already, have everyone associated with each other in the neighborhood. Play out each family and character's pre-made storylines.


Rules: Absolutely no cheats are allowed (not even money cheats).

You cannot create a sim and incorporate them into the neighborhood. Only pre-made sims are to be played for this challenge.

HACKS: You are allowed to use the Teen hacks that allow for things such as Teens being able to move out and have their own children. You do not need to put them through college, but they must get jobs if they decide to be on their own.

When it comes to marriage: Unless if their storyline says they are in love with a NPC or a Townie, your unmarried sims must marry a fellow neighborhood character.

You cannot restart the game if something unfortunate (such as a death or a job demotion) occurs. You must save and continue on with the game.

You must play each and every family that is already in the neighborhood, the one's in the family bin are optional.

-> However for an extra level of difficulty (if you like a harder challenge) please add only those from the family bin who are related to people in the neighborhood already.

**For Bluewater Village** Since they each have a business, you must play out their businesses and make them as successful as you can (absolutely no selling off their businesses since it's a part of their storyline.)


The challenge will be completed when all of the previous ORIGINAL characters from the neighborhood have passed away and you are playing either the third or fourth generation of each family.

Any questions or clarifications needed? Just ask, I'm happy to help!

GOOD LUCK to those who pursue this challenge!


In addition by the way, something I just found out -- if you read the personal bio's of each of your sims (not just the family bio) you'll find out more about what they want...or feel even! Check it out, it may help you with your game play!
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This sounds like such a cool challenge! I'm definitly doing this when I get my computer fixed.
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Good luck when you do! Let me know how it goes!
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Wow, sounds great! But really hard! I will start when I get a new computer 'cause I want to do pleasantview but it totally got deleted somehow.
Desimonkey442, Will u post some pics?
p.s, I have a question about this challenge! Say I want Mortimer to marry Brandi Broke in pleasentview. I am I allowed to, even though (as far as I know) they don't really have anything to do with each other, and he's in love with Dina. (Sorry if that's confusing, lol!)
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That actually wouldn't be following the storyline since he's attracted and IN LOVE with Dina.

However, if Mortimer and Brandi Broke were in the same community lot together, and you see that he is attracted to her (don't force it, it's either there or it's not), why not follow through with that? =)
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This is how I play my game anyway; I'm one of the few people who apparently prefers the Maxis characters. And sometimes I like to go beyond what's obvious (such as Mortimer is 'in love' with Dina) and use the hints and make up a more creative story, such as hints that Dina is a gold-digger, Mortimer misses Bella, Brandi misses Skip and also really needs money, etc.
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mrs_grunt, have you ever reached the third/fourth generation of a complete neighborhood? If you have, how did it go, how long did it take? And if you didn't, that's what this challenge is for, you should give it a try if you have the time and patience!
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I really do like to play the Maxis neighborhoods until I get everything straightened out (for me). For example, get all the characters platinum, make them friends with everyone in the immediate family, get them the job of their dreams, etc. I have never played the families beyond a second generation as I always restart my games from scratch with each new EP. As I play all the neighborhoods as well as my own, I do not get very far in any one neighborhood. I rarely get an adult to become an elder unless they are already part way through their adult life at the beginning (like Daniel Pleasant).

I am easily distracted by challenges as well. So I am game to try this one. I did wonder though: in Veronaville, the Summerdream family wants to adopt and in Pleasantview, my Oldies wanted to adopt as well. Is that part of the storyline or do you just consider that as a random want that spins in? Would be okay for that adopted child to eventually marry one of the other neighbors? Also, there are Maxis families that came with pets without their own neighborhood, so is it okay to add them to any of the neighborhoods as well? And, the bin families that came with an EP could be placed into any of the neighborhoods as well. Is that okay or is it to be avoided?

Also, I want to make sure I understand, if Brandi Broke gets a job in the military and brings home townie Joe Carr from work, she can make friends with him but not marry him. Is that right? Or, if they are attracted, she can follow up on that as long I don't manipulate the attraction?

x-tashi-x you can move your current sims2 folder to a different location or rename it and the game will generate a new Sims2 folder with the original neighborhoods. I haven't tried to copy one neighborhood into a different folder, but I do rename my folders and then change one name back to sims2 to play different ones. You just need to copy your downloads folder and any saved sims, etc. into the new folder after you load it once.
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Ciane -- you don't have to follow through with ALL of their wants, that's totally up to you since the wants ARE random and they do spin spontaneously. The adopted child (if you choose to adopt one) marrying a neighborhood sim is definitely okay.

The families that came with pets, seasons, bon voyage, freetime and apartment life that are hanging out in the bin that have no real connections to the neighborhoods aren't really part of the neighborhood... In pleasantview and Veronaville as well as strangetown, the families in the bins already have some sort of connection to the people in the neighborhoods...but really it's up to you. If you consider it an extra challenge to make them a part of the storyline, it's your choice. But remember, the more families you add, the harder this challenge becomes since you only complete the challenge after every single one of those original neighborhood sims have passed away.

For example, this means that say you are playing Pleasantview and are currently playing the Burbs, only after Lucy has had a child (children) of her own, and her and her husband have passed away as elders (or because of an unfortunate event) would you be done with the Burbs -- this means that whatever children Lucy has had would have to be Adults by the time you are done with the Burbs fully. You follow this game play till every single original neighborhood sim has passed away and you are left with either the third or fourth generation (or for some cases, the second generation).

As for Brandi Broke, if you don't manipulate the attraction and she honestly wants to marry him on her own terms, as in if she has a "want" to be engaged and marry that townie, then she is definitely allowed. But otherwise, you can only manipulate the feelings between her and a neighbor.
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Great. Thanks for clearing everything up for me. I do know it will take longer, but the Burbs and the Oldies already know others and are related, so it just makes sense for me to play them.
I am playing the Pleasantview neighborhood on my laptop. (I have the DVD version on it.) I only play it when my ferrets are running loose in their room, so only a few hours a day. My laptop doesn't have any EPs, so the LTWs are better for me. (I hate how long Uni takes to finish and the wants for 5 top businesses or 20 pets.) So far I have played everyone at least long enough to rearrange the houses to my liking and try to find them the jobs they want.
Don popped the question to Cassie at his place and she turned him down, so they are no longer engaged. Cassie wasted no time falling in love with Darren. All the teens have been accepted into private school and Lucy Burb will have the headmaster over next time I am on my laptop. I do plan to let the Burbs have another kid. Maybe it can pair up with Brandi Broke's as yet unborn babe. John Burb wants to marry off six kids. It will sure populate the neighborhood, though I won't have to worry about playing them all if I don't want as they aren't part of the original family.
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Nice Ciane! Keep us all updated! I just started playing Bluewater Village, and so far I've only made everyone over - but I'm excited to get them started, especially since I have to worry about both their businesses and their futures. It's great! I'm excited to see the originals pass away, and only be left with a new generation!
#12 Old 26th Nov 2008 at 12:46 AM
Grr...I want to do this challenge, but I have to wait for that special time of year when I get the one thing I want: an external hard drive...

But, I am going to DEFINITELY do this challenge. I've always wanted to do this, but my computer can't handle more than one neighborhood.
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ouch! Well, here's to hoping you get an external hard drive! I know my computer couldn't handle more than one either until I got mine. Now it runs a lot more smoother.

Let us know when you've began the challenge littbrat5 - we'd love updates!
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Well Cassie and Darren are now officially engaged. Darren chose a career in medicine and Dirk got the job he wanted in business. He needs six friends for a promotion and only has five, so Darren spent his day off on the phone with Herb Oldie.

Lucy made it into private school, though I thought Jennifer might starve before I could call the headmaster to dinner. (She is pregnant, so she gets hungrier quicker and I was making her wait for the buffet turkey. She had to show rooms upstairs as the downstairs only had two rooms and a bath and since she wanted a picture I couldn't buy a nice picture and then sell back it. Oh well it all worked out and they racked up more points showing more rooms. Jennifer should go to work and bring home some much needed cash before she poofs out, as well as get paid for maternity leave.)

Brandi had a baby boy and named him Brandon. Dustin's new career choice is medicine and his mom's is law enforcement. It's good that he isn't still in the criminal career field.

Angela is friends with her dad and Lilith is friends with her mom. Angela got the athletic job they both wanted, but Lilith slept in and missed her chance at it. I figure she doesn't need a job right now any way; she has other issues to concentrate on first. Their mom wants an athletic job too, so she quit her job and started work as a mascot. She probably does not have time to make it to the top, but it's worth a try. Daniel called in sick one day to finish getting all those skills he needed. Hopefully, he'll get his promotion.

The Caliente gals each found the jobs they wanted. I think Dina chose business and Nina maybe wants to be a chef. Dina is romancing Mortimer off and on and Nina keeps getting wants for skill points; so besides the trip to Don's for woohoo, she has been busy studying.

The oldies haven't a chance of making it to the top their desired professions. They took the athletic job that paid more than any other one. They are working on getting friendships up with their relatives.

Don's points dropped dramatically with Cassie, and he has a few bad memories. Otherwise, the failed engagement doesn't seem to bother him. He is attracted to Nina, and they both take advantage of that situation. I think he wants a different job than he currently has, but the computer jobs available didn't have the one he desired.

That should be everybody with the exception of the Goths. Mortimer wants another job, but he hasn't looked for one yet. Cassie also wanted a different job, but it wasn't available. Alexander is friends with his family but doesn't know anyone else yet. Hopefully, Cassie can encourage him to be neater before he turns to a teen and she gets married.

Is that more than you wanted to know?
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LOL I love it! You're getting far with their career wants. I will give my update tonight, although I didn't get too far with Bluewater Village.

So I started playing Bluewater Village and started out with Florence Delarose first. I played her for 4 straight sim days. During the first day I had her interact with Gilbert, whom she started developing crush-type feelings for. The second and third day she focused on her business, and then on the fourth day, because she had no interest in marriage to Gilbert, I had them "try for baby" just so he could give her a child. And then a couple of sim hours after that ... my system crashed -_-

It was great, getting that far only to be shut down.

So...I've decided to restart this challenge with the Riverblossom Neighborhood, and will update here soon on how far I get with that.
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#16 Old 28th Nov 2008 at 8:50 PM
Sorry to hear about the game crash. Riverblossom is a great choice though. It will be interesting to see how your game plays out.
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#17 Old 29th Nov 2008 at 4:20 PM
Sounds essentially like a challenge for getting back to the roots of the game. Pretty good idea especially now with Sims 3 on the horizon. What better time to bring one's gameplay full circle?
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indeed cappyboy!

So I've started with Riverblossom Hills, and so far this is what I have happening:

First of all I moved Alexandra O'Mackey into her own house and sold off all the things in her inventory (bookbag) so that she could have some money. I'm letting her pursue her dread pirate dream - although I'm not sure if I want her to be single or married in the future, but as of right now, I'll let her focus on her career.

Gabe O'Mackey surprised proposed and got married to Patricia Wan at a vacation spot. It was quite romantic with his daughter Jules taking pictures of the event.

Jules O'Mackey (still a teen, but I'm going to say an old-enough-to-get-married-teen) got engaged and married off to farmer McGreggor. He was in need of a young wife that could handle his farm.

Leod McGreggor is trying very hard to keep up with his farm and his wife, Jules. They are now expecting their first child.

Cleo Shikibu (part of the Wan household) is now single, with a huge house and has already interacted with a few of the neighborhood members -- for the most part, she just got a makeover.

For the Veijo household, I just gave the two elderly women Betty Goldstein and Catherine Veijo a makeover. I haven't played them much yet either.

The Ramaswami's by the way, bought a house they really couldn't afford, so right now I'm having them earn more money by working...but that's about it with them since the money situation is really tight.

The Greenman family had 5 other children, 4 more girls and 1 boy. I'm in the midst of contemplating whether or not I want Rose to remain a Plantsim.

Gave the girls in the Roth family a make over and that's about it, more to come with the families I havent' done much with.
#19 Old 30th Nov 2008 at 9:14 PM
This challenge sounds like FUN.

I'm going to start tomorrow, once the thundering herd of boy children have gone back to school. :-)
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Good luck dstucki! Let us know how it goes!
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#21 Old 2nd Dec 2008 at 3:29 AM
So..I've been playing Riverblossom (a little too religiously lol) and so far...

I had to move the Ramaswami's into another house because the they just couldn't afford the huge one...well actually it's more of the fact that I couldn't afford to buy furniture and fill up the place which annoyed me to no end, so I moved them.

Priya got pregnant and had a child which turned out to be a girl I named Manjula (who is now a toddler in the game). Also, Priya is no longer going to be working, but making money off of cooking competitions. Sanjay got a job in the political career and has had a promotion, so he's making money to support his family until Priya enters in some of the cooking contests.

The McGreggors finally had their child...Jules gave birth to a girl I named Sarah-Jane (I'm going with the farm theme.)

Both of them are unemployeed since Leod has a "farm" technically...but I'm confused on how to make money that way. I'm going to search the forums to see if anyone knows how but as of right now, after Sarah-Jane becomes a toddler, I'm going to have Jules also enter in some cooking contests to make money. Their current money status is about 68 simoleons - which is no good. I also had Leod adopt a dog that came around his house, named Tucker. Currently, Leod is going down in flames - he's already had a break down due to the fact that he was broke and he knew it.

Those are the only two families I currently have updates on.
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Originally Posted by Ciane
Brandi had a baby boy and named him Brandon. Dustin's new career choice is medicine and his mom's is law enforcement. It's good that he isn't still in the criminal career field.

i had to log in and say, excellent choice.. i always name Brandi's 3rd kind Brandon.. he looks just so much like his mom, i can't imagine a better name for him

ive been trying to play Pleasantview each play around to try and get the premade sims to match as closely to what the devs envisioned as possible.. then by the next generations i do what i want.
Tho i think it was intended for other nhoods like that 1st university and Bluewater Village to be involved in Pleasantview too.. cause what is the sims without the Landgraab family? poor Malcolm just can't find a wife though.. he has a bastard child on the way though thru Nina.. so I guess i sorta strayed from the challenge rules :P

god but i just *had* to remake the Landgraab house.. its so un-stylish.. he is old rich not new rich, so why does he have leather sofas in his living room, and just butt ugly house all around.. (all other OFB buildings are ugly too tho, looks like the devs rushed them)
#23 Old 3rd Dec 2008 at 10:13 AM
I have just started this, so I don't have much to say.

I'm playing Riverblossom Hills (I love it :P) and I have only played the Greenman family so far. I turned Rose back (Jason can just get over his plantsim obsession!) and she is so pretty, dark-skinned and very gorgeous. I hope to turn Daisy back as soon as she grows older...

How's everyone else going?
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#24 Old 3rd Dec 2008 at 2:31 PM
Southy, Nina is a romance sim so a bastard child from Malcolm doesn't seem far-fetched to me, but of course it isn't my challenge.

Meggie, I always change Rose from a plant sim to a normal sim too. So many sims in the neighborhood have the want for her to be cured of plantism.

I enjoy going round to all the homes and redecorating, and then I like to get them the jobs that line up with their LTWs. I move in everyone in the bin and do the same. Then I try to improve the relationships with all the families in the hood. So I do end up playing out the set-up neighborhoods much as intended.

I haven't played the Pleasantview neighborhood much lately. We had company for the holidays and I do several challenges at a time, so my updates may be a bit sparse.
#25 Old 4th Dec 2008 at 9:51 AM
I've been playing the Viejo family and Alexandra O'Mackey...

OK now this was totally random. The two Viejo oldies fell in love! Seriously, they both needed an aspiration boost badly, they both wanted to flirt, so I got them to do it just that once...I totally didn't want them to be together, and suddenly, they're in love and want to get married! From ONE flirt!

Any advice? Should I follow through with it???

Jacob had his first makeout with that Roth girl (the jumpsuit is horrible. Seriously! Even worse than Cassandra Goth's black dress).

I moved Alexandra O'Mackey into a tiny trailer on the side of town, lucky it was almost fully furnished, I managed to get her a cheapo exercise machine, bookcase, dartboard and dresser. I quit her from her Dread Pirate job coz her ltw was to be Captain Hero, and she is crushing on Leod McGreggor at the moment, which I never thought of doing before but seems like quite a good choice really. I don't see either of the Viejo ladies (especially now that they're in love) getting with him, nor that Wan girl.

She got food poisioning coz I didn't notice the flies and threw up twice. Yek.
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