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MTS Speed-Building Challenge - posted on 17th Oct 2018 at 7:25 PM
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Mad Poster
#15926 Old Yesterday at 6:15 AM
It is sometimes necessary to tell the Lot Adjuster to smooth the edges as well as flatten them.

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Mad Poster
#15927 Old Yesterday at 10:26 AM
You'll all be pleased to hear that Hans got out off that glitched bed in the morning without any help from me, and is in good health, happy, and ready to enjoy Saturday playing with his friends. I had saved the lot at 4 minutes to six. When I restarted the game Hans got up promptly at 6 a.m. and immediately went outside to dive into the Hunters' swimming pool. He became clickable again as soon as he was clear of the bed, and I briefly made him controllable to check his motives, and they were all good. Despite the glitch, the Princess Bed had given him a very good night's sleep! The bed itself is still glitched and unclickable, so I think I'm still best to delete it. But I'll feel a not happier deleting it when Hans isn't in it! I'll have to use FamilyFunds to give them the money to buy a new bed; Miriam Hunter (Hermes's mum), despite having a swimming pool in her garden, isn't the richest Sim in the neighbourhood. I'll get them a new Princess Bed, but, if it continues to glitch, I'll eventually have to replace it with an ordinary bed -- they'll need a bigger one anyway when they eventually grow up to be teens.

The sleeping mats I've been using (or trying to use) are the ones by rebecah here (2 tile) and here (1 tile). Maybe I shouldn't be surprised that they don't work for my toddlers, as I see rebecah describes them as "Baby Mats". As you can see, I've also been using rebecah's Princess Bed on a limited scale, but I think I've only used it for children, not toddlers. I have now downloaded the ones by Atavera (post #3 in Comments) that Jo linked to in post #15909 above (Thanks Jo!). I'll try them out with the Newson toddlers and see how they get on; anything that gives Ginger and Gavin a slightly easier life will be worthwhile.

I have thought about getting Inge's Toddlers sleep through the night mod that FranH linked to (post #15911). But Real Life toddlers vary so much. Some do indeed sleep soundly all night. But others wake at 3 a.m. and bawl the house down, just as bad as any Maxis toddlers. So what I'd really like is a Some toddlers sleep though the night mod. It might go by activeness, with a hint of randomness thrown in.

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Undead Molten Llama
#15928 Old Yesterday at 3:34 PM
Originally Posted by Bulbizarre
Also, any tips for trying to place lots? I can't seem to get two lots next to each other, even though the edges are flat.

If all else fails, place the lot somewhere else, facing in the same direction as the spot where you want to place it, then use the Lot Adjuster to move it to that place. That will always work at least in terms of putting the lot where you want it...although there can be funkiness at the edges that you may or may not be able to fix, depending on what the underlying issue is, so back up before you do it in case moving the lot results in unfixable funkiness.

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Field Researcher
#15929 Old Yesterday at 5:41 PM
Say I have a male-born sim who I want to portray as transgender. If I set their gender flags as female, will they grow up into a female body? I'm perfectly content with the sim just being able to use the appropriate bathroom, but it would be super cool if they did grow up to be 'female', especially as then I can say teens are 'pre-op' and adults are 'post-op'

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#15930 Old Yesterday at 10:47 PM
I believe they will have a male body but a female voice.

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Mad Poster
#15931 Old Yesterday at 11:28 PM
[UPDATE] Time 6:53 a.m.: Fifty minutes after Hans got out of it, the Princess Bed seems to have "unglitched". With either of the resident children (Hermes and Candy Hunter) selected, I can click on the bed. They can either relax on it or make it. I think I'll persevere with the bed a little longer. Maybe installing University really has fixed it.
Originally Posted by didyouevenmakeasound
Say I have a male-born sim who I want to portray as transgender. If I set their gender flags as female, will they grow up into a female body?
Have you seen the new thread A short guide to playing transgender sims in the Sims 2 started today by LyleSnake? It might be worth asking again in that thread. LyleSnake seems to be something of an expert on playing transgender Sims, and I think the thread is likely to become a "Go-to" thread for people playing them.

All Sims are beautiful -- even the ugly ones.
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