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Default The Vegetarian Pet Owner Challenge! *Requires Dogs and Cats Expansion!*
Welcome to the vegetarian pet challenge! In this challenge pretty much what the target is is for you/ your sim to live a healthy life being a vegetarian without starving, maintaining your two pet's needs, gaining enough points to earn first place in this challenge, and being the boss of your sim world, one healthy step at a time.

Your whole life you've grown up with families that eat meat all the time, rarely have time to stuff vegetables nor greens in their mouths, and HATE pets. Since you've moved out and are now an adult, you're entirely dodging their steps in life and making history for yourself. You're going to become a vegetarian for good and make sure you are completely against animal cruelty!

How to start:
First, make your sim. It can either look like you or be a randomized person, really just make it to your liking. Next, select the aspiration "Friends of the Animals." For traits, you could choose "Cat Lover," "Dog Lover," or none if you want to own both of the pets and don't forget to add the vegetarian trait (If you don't have city living, please make the priority of eating vegetarian foods such as salads). DO NOT add any negative traits such as mean, hot-headed, jealous, gloomy, and so on. After making your sim in CAS, choose any lot in the game (DO NOT APPLY CHEAT FREE REAL ESTATE) and go ahead and start your game! After you have entered the lot, go on your phone and choose a career. For this challenge, you have to pick the politician career, because your sim is entirely against animal cruelty and wants to make the influence of preventing sweet and innocent animals from dying. From this job, it will make you work towards getting your pets safely away from danger and into you adopting them .

-Do not cheat unless all needs are low or if your sim is about to die
-Do not add a dog immediately to your household, as you have to work to get your pets.
-Must be a young adult or adult sim
-When you've bought your lot, make sure you have an appropriate living space for your future pets with the necessary essentials. Food bowls, beds, toys, etc
-Once reached up to about 1500 simoleans BY WORKING, purchase your first pet (can be any age)
-Second pet must be bought when you have 3000 simoleans AGAIN BY WORKING (pretty much every pet can be purchased once gained another 1500 simoleans)
-Lifespan can be extended if that is your preference
-Must try to train your pets and form them into the perfect pet that suits you
-Allowed to date once you have gotten your first pet
-Can get married once bought second pet
-Aspiration may not be changed unless it is completed
-Challenge ends once you have reached at the end of your career or once you move into a large lot
-Have fun!

Every pet bought (150 points)
Every aspiration completed (300 points)
Amount of simoleans in 5,000 (divide your total cash by 5000 and only get the whole number, after that multiply it by 200 and that is the number of points)
Every skill maxed out (150 points)
Every friend [NOT ACQUAINTANCE] (50 points)
Every rule that is broken (700 points)

I will post the places of the people who participated in this challenge
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