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Default Amber Run - I Found
Hellop again!

This one is a video I uploaded a whiiile ago, but decided to finally share it here. It is not in spanish, actually, it has no subtitles or any dialogue. It's really, really short, but I hope you like it. The meaning is pretty clear so I'm sure it requires no explanation.

WARNING: If you have certain homophobic tendency, don't watch it. It's NOT sex or anything like that xD I hate stuff like those, but it's "love between people of the same sex" so...

After all that blah blah blah, here it is ^^


What's the point?
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Default Blacklite District - The Struggle
I didn't want to be annoying making another thread so... ya know

This is kinda like a film because it has a story, but not too long to be an actual one.

I liked the song so that's the reason I made the video, pretty obvious I guess xD

The message isn't so clear, but it's technically a boy's story whose sister was always abused, physically and sexually by their dad, but he could do NOTHING. Just sit there and cry while she protected HIM and herself. One day, he finally summons up the courage to confront him and knocks him down. They manage to escape. Everything is fine until he receives a "call" (it's not really a call, because no-one called; it's a metaphor to death) and finds out his sister is now dead. Of course, his dad killed her.
There's a flashback where they're chatting with a girl with black hair, she was her friend and the new wife of their dad (so young, yet married; yes), where she invites her to their house (but she actually didn't know the man was gonna kill her friend). That's where the boy finds it kinda weird, all of sudden, her friend, asking for a meeting, at her house? Meh. Yet, his sister ignores him.

And, well, the lyrics "nothing's forever" makes reference not only to people but to innocence. That's why when he kills his dad, that part plays. He lost his innocence and weakness. Overall, his sanity.

I hope you really like it ^^

WARNING: Contains flashing lights in some parts so be careful; also, child abuse.


What's the point?
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