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Nysha's New Creators for March - posted on 1st Apr 2018 at 9:00 AM
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Lab Assistant
#3151 Old 18th Apr 2018 at 1:39 PM
Peni, thank you for your quick response... I forgot to mention on my last post that Ariel had the Fortune aspiration and a LTW to be Prestidigator. Today I gathered my courage and I went back to that household. Maybe magic really exists or my game chose to behave this time. Little Ariel is fine and she doesn't need any kind of intervention. She has the Grow Up aspiration and her wants are to learn her toddler skills and, you know, "be tickled", "be snuggled" e.t.c. I was afraid I'd loose her momentum so I had Albany to teach her all the toddler skils and even teach her the nursery rhyme (thank you SimBlender for MaxMotives ). She got her aspiration points and her aspiration bar is platinum now. No more wants for Puck Summerdream or anyone else she hasn't met and she is enjoying her toddlerhood

On other news about my megahood, I found out how bad it is to have children and teens live in apartments, at least in my game. The Travelers and the Gavigans live in the apartment building where Vivan Cho and Timothy Riley used to live, with the Ramaswamis and married couple I made in CAS who have no children yet.
I really dislike Timothy and I think Sally is the ugliest playable kid Maxis made for the Sims 2. Timothy recently realized that he is gay (so he will stay far away from Vivian ) and he doesn't want people to know, so he had to move to Strangetown with Sally. Vivian stayed in Belladona Cove but she moved in a house with Etsu. She changed her aspiration to Fortune (LTW: Earn 100.000 simoleons) and she joined the Law Enforcement career. Last year I had her to do exactly the same thing and one day she came home from work with Jason Cleveland, they had an affair and a beautiful boy. I'm hoping for the same thing to happen this time but we'll see.
Playing that apartment building I found out that, whenever Tina Traveler or Isaiah Gavigan are not active, they choose to skip school and spend their days in the playground. One day when I was playing my CAS-family, Trent Traveler had the day off (he is in the Adventure career) and he stayed the whole day in the playground with Tina. I found that strange because Trent is a Knowledge sim, so I expected him to send his daughter to school and not to push her on the swings. Both kids have been tought to study by their parents and whenever I play their families I, of cource, send them to school every day. But their grades are stuck to C- for days now
The same thing happens in the apartment building where the Clevelands live. I have moved in 3 sims made in CAS to the empty apartments because I hate the townnies the game moves in, and whenever the Clevelands are not active, Justin spends his mornings in a hot tub skipping school but, mysteriously, he never skips his job. He is stuck on C- too.
So, as much as I hate it, I'll have to make different arrangements and move the families with kids to houses where they can't be inactive when another family is active. And I say I hate it, because there is some nice gossip happening there. Trent Traveler has three bolts for Mary Gavigan but he has only 2 for his wife. Nathan Gavigan has 3 bolts for Trisha Traveler and only 1 for his wife so interesting things could happen there. At the Clevelands, Jason was made kind of gay by Maxis and I had forgotten about it. I saw him Wolf Whistle Peter, one of my CAS sims and it was funny for a moment because I was wondering how on earth that hapenned but then I remembered reading about his situation on SimsWiki. He is bi now because, as I mentioned earlier, I'm hoping he'll find Vivian Cho again.
I already have moved the Patels in a house. The townies living in their building were gross. Apparently, they didn't have jobs so they were sitting in the common area 24/7. They fought with each other, they peed on themselves, they complained that they were hungry and they passed out from exhaustion. The little camera on the left bottom of my screen always focused on them whenever they faced bladder failure or they collapsed on the ground and it was driving me crazy. I considered creating more sims in CAS and move them in those apartments but I figured that Ana Patel would probably want another baby (or more) after she gave birth, so I'd have to move them out from that claustophobic apartment anyway. Plus she kept wishing for a puppy and... for all the musical instruments that exist in-game.
Now, they live in a very nice house, they have their little girl, Randa, who is a toddler and their puppy (Allegra) just aged up to adult so she has a job too. And, of cource Ana has already a locked wish for another baby
Mad Poster
#3152 Old 18th Apr 2018 at 2:13 PM
That's a glitch with the grades. It's normal for sims from inactive families to mysteriously hang around all day sometimes, and grades/job progression should occur normally while they're active. Apartment neighbors are just "ghosts," you see - the playables remember what happened to their apartment doubles, but when you return to play their unit, they'll be exactly where you left them regarding motives, grades, skills, etc. Given that the townies in the Patel apartment can't seem to access their apartments, it sounds like you've got a mod conflict or something affecting apartment residencies. I suggest you troubleshoot before moving those families out.

The Hawkins family of Fishers Island decided they needed another baby and set about making one. Since I'm using Hat's proportional aging, this means that they'll have a baby and a toddler at the same time for a couple of days. But we'll deal with that when we get there. Winter is coming fast and they won't have any crops to tend, so this shouldn't be as hard as it would have been in the summer.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
(My simblr isSim Media Res . Widespot,Widespot RFD: The Subhood, and Land Grant University are all available here. In case you care.)
#3153 Old 18th Apr 2018 at 11:30 PM
We're in downtown this evening, with some of my more criminal families.

Gordon King got engaged to his girlfriend of a few days, Iona Rai-Wrightly. She's in her early-mid teen years, he's in his mid-adult years... what could go wrong? Oh and she's pregnant. Gordon convinced her to join the Criminal career track to get some extra money for their wedding day. They're putting the wedding off for a bit, firstly because Iona is underage, and secondly because she has a horrible case of the flu, thanks to Gordon's ex-girlfriend Jessie Pilferson constantly knocking over garbage cans while both sims are out of the house, causing cockroaches to spawn. Iona found herself pregnant... I'm not actually 100% sure the father is Gordon, but I thought I'd wait and find out instead of using the pregnancy scanner. If this is Gordon's baby though, this will be his fifth child, with five different women; oldest is Adande O'Feefe (with Delilah O'Feefe-Sharpe), Helena Summerdream (Bottom Summerdream), Girr Powers (Roxie Powers (was Sharpe)) and Danny Pilferson (Jessie Pilferson). Adande and Helena are currently in the orphanage.

Fricorith, despite his wealthy family, is trying to make ends meet on his own. He just sold his Humble computer so he could afford a toilet and bed. He got a job in the paranormal career track, despite his lifetime want that was so inaccurate I've already forgotten what it was. I considered making him bring back his still-dead parents. But I left them dead years ago when I resurrected Fricorith (back in 2015) for a reason. The others seem unneeded, as I have no interest on having them reproduce further, and would probably age them up into elders anyway as Fricorith is an adult.

Over at the trailer sites, The Sharpe family; Jonah and Roxie, and their 3 children - Axel, Storm and Girr are having an annoyingly nice life. I thought it didn't seem realistic that all three children have A+ and multiple skills, despite their parents lack of interest in education or really doing anything (but hey, they both got through college!) so instead of having them do homework, I tried to find Axel a girlfriend -- which ended terribly. Turns out he's not that interested in anyone. Storm is becoming a teen next rotation, and so far she has 3 male childhood friends - the twins Gabriel & Gerome who live next door, and her friend Danny Pilferson, all of whom may become romantic interests in the future... so I'm interested to see where that goes. Danny and Storm share a half-sibling though (as stated earlier, Girr is the daughter of Storm's mother Roxie, and Danny's father Gordon) so it'll probably be one of the twins. Girr mostly spent the day swinging on the swingset in the little wooded area behind the trailers.

Gerome & Gabriel continue to be adorable. I can't wait until they become teenagers. I can't stop taking pictures of them!! Gabriella (Newson) and Mickey Dosser have started wanting for another baby. I've locked the want, but I'm not quite sure they have the space (and by that I mean, THEY DO NOT HAVE THE SPACE) but damnit their offspring so far have been so dang adorable! I'm just going to leave them to make that decision on their own...

Living next door is Mickey's daughter (whom he's never met), Tara Pilferson. I'm kinda stuck on what to do with her. She's currently dating Adande O'Feefe, and that's about all that's going on with her. She's in her youngish teens. Really she should be in the orphanage. Jessie moved into the tiny 1 room apartment to get away from her toxic relationship with Gordon, but when she found a new home to move to, Tara stayed behind. She doesn't really have any money, but enough that she can continue without really having to get a job until she's out of high school. Her grades are good, but she's lacking skills.

Then the last house of the rotation: The Larson-Ottomas family. Young couple Kat Larson and Richard ("unborn twins") Ottomas, and their two boys - Reese (father is actually Tommy Ottomas) and Clemant. Both have 1 nice point... they're going to be fun when they grow up! Richard went off to uni last rotation, leaving Kat to take care of the kids. Today she found out she was pregnant for the third time - at 18. I'm secretly hoping for a boy, but my already horribly skewed gender ratio of 5:1 makes me think that I should probably hope for a girl instead. I'd just love a house of rowdy troublemaker boys. They live in a one room (and a bathroom) apartment, but once Richard is back from university, I hope that pulls them up the class ladder a bit, and they can at least afford one of those nice little trailers in Pleasantview.

Now on to the uni rotation... and boy do I have a lot of Freshmen to make-over and pick majors for!

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
#3154 Old 19th Apr 2018 at 1:20 AM
I've headed back to my medieval hood. The king has heard rumours that men are gathering at Pine Hill in support of a claimant to the throne (a cousin of the king). A war (or at least a skirmish) is about to happen.
Lab Assistant
#3155 Old 19th Apr 2018 at 10:22 AM
Hey Peni... Thanks again for your response
I have the tool to check possible hack conflicts and I run it from time to time. It detects some conflicts but I don't see bad game behaviour from those hacks, they seem to work just fine. I don't have any hacks for apartments and the neighbours in the Patel building could access their apartments, they just didn't seem to want to. One of them was a Maxis-made dispicable guy who always likes to cause problems to his neighbours (elder bad-mannered male townie with totaly inappropriate clothes and hairstyle for his age). As I said in my previous post, I would move the Patels to a house anyway, because their apartment was too small, it just happened sooner than later. Maybe it's not the sims, maybe it's just me. I can't function in such small places and my personal experiences with nosy landlords/landladies from my college days when I lived in rented apartments don't help either.
Thanks for leting me know that the grades problem is a bug. I can live with that, especially now that I found out that SimManipulator can set the kids' grades to whatever I want them to be. So, the other families in apartments will stay put for now. I'll move them to houses when they'll have more children and they will need more space.

Anyways, apart from what's hapenning in my megahood I can also tell what's not hapenning and that is alien abductions. When I first played the Curious brothers in Strangetown, Pascal was pregnant but I didn't get the usual message from the game that Vincud wanted to stargaze. I sent him to do that anyway (3 nights in-a-row) but no abduction happened. Maybe there is a hack conflict somewhere or the megahood is set up like that (I got the megahood from here on mod the sims, it's Hysterical Paroxysm's ubermegahood). And it's not only the Curious brothers, none of my sims get abducted no matter how many hours they use their telescopes. But I don't really care about abductions or alien babies so I let it pass.

And I run into Bella Goth too... Ok, it wasn't me, it was Carlos Contender (he is aged back to adult now, like all the single elders in my game). He was out in a community lot and she was there too. For a tiny moment I made her selectable to check on her because I was not sure if she was the real or the fake Bella. She seemed OK to me but the weird thing was that she had some of her memories, she remembered Mortimer but her memories stopped with their engagement. She has no memory of marrying him or having children with him. In fact she has no more memories after the engagement. Is that normal? I let her go and I didn't let Carlos to interact with her just in case something was wrong. If I run into her again would she be "safe" to interact with?
Mad Poster
#3156 Old 19th Apr 2018 at 1:52 PM
When the Monopoly kingdom invaded and took over the sleepy country of Elsewhere, Charles Blackburn wasn't that concerned, even though that meant he and his brother now lived in the same country (they don't like each other). He and his wife were already gainfully employed and their family was complete. He thought they would probably be invisible to the Council so long as he kept his head down. He was wrong. First, Kate won the baby lottery, then he got abducted and was pregnant. He went into hiding in their secret room.

But, then they got the news that the Council awarded a second baby lottery to the family. This meant he wasn't going to have to pass his baby off as a twin to Kate's. Whew.

Not so whew was that Sarah, his daughter, was playing around with the genie. She got her wish for immunity from illness, but the genie took the family's entire life savings. At virtually the same minute, Charles was giving birth to triplets. So...good timing there.

They've outgrown their apartment, but can't afford to move even if the Council gave them permission. The couple sweated out bill day and have saved almost enough to pay their rent when rent season comes. However, they completely forgot tax season. The morning has dawned, and there is nowhere near enough money to pay.

"Death cannot stop true love; all it can do is delay it for awhile."
Mad Poster
#3157 Old 19th Apr 2018 at 2:10 PM
That cruel council. Revolution!

Windows 10 and the Ultimate Collection
Mad Poster
#3158 Old 19th Apr 2018 at 6:56 PM
Natb, just because the HCDU doesn't detect it and it "doesn't make sense" doesn't mean there's no conflict affecting your apartment residents! This game, as we play it, is sufficiently complex that chaos theory applies, and the way code works "doesn't make sense" according to our intuitive human expectations about how things work, to begin with. Also you could just have a bad download somewhere screwing things up in unexpected ways. The only way to be sure a problem isn't caused by something in your Downloads folder is to test it without the Downloads folder.

However, apartments are notoriously glitchy and if this problem is restricted to this complex, and you were going to move the Patels out anyhow, there's no obvious rush to troubleshoot.

The second Monday at Fishers' Island arrived, the day of the weekly meeting at the Munny household. The first two meetings involved calling in the entire colony, but since last Monday this caused a couple of fistfights, and since Frank had to go in to meet with the Colonial Council, Amanda only invited the head of each household. It's hard to tell whether Harris or Neva Hawkins is the head of that one, and since all the other heads are female and either new or expectant mothers, and Neva hasn't been getting out at all, I decided that Neva came to represent them. Naturally the number one topic was assessing the needs of families with young children in the coming winter, and they also watched a documentary about weather control on the new flatscreen that one of Amanda's contacts had gotten for them. When Frank got home, he took the not-visibly-pregnant women on the weekly exploration hike while the two visibly pregnant women, Amanda and Madeleine Moiselle of the Consociate household, stayed home and talked about infrastructure. Successful hikes bring back one of PBK's resources per person on the hike; alas, all they found was a skunk. At this point the meeting ended and Frank and Amanda were free to tend the last few plants racing the onset of the cold and fall exhausted into bed.

And then my strategy in keeping the flatscreen instead of selling it paid off, because a burglar showed up and unlocked the Law Enforcement career! Hurray! He tried to make off with the TV, but Frank heard him and fought to get it back. With no place to hold him, however, when the burglar ran off Frank did not attempt to detain him. It's good timing, too, because construction work is halted for the winter, freeing up either of the two men in the Consociate household to undertake neighborhood patrols.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
(My simblr isSim Media Res . Widespot,Widespot RFD: The Subhood, and Land Grant University are all available here. In case you care.)
Lab Assistant
#3159 Old 19th Apr 2018 at 7:09 PM
I play a custom hood Greentown with subhoods: GTU (GreenTown University), Downtown, and Outdoorsy Mall (shopping district)
My sims all live in Greentown, GTU only has a secret society, a little shop to buy the cellphone in, and a five-people dorm.
Downtown is the Maxis downtown and only has community lots. So does Outdoorsy Mall, where all community lots are shops.
Some of my families are recreations from TS3, because I ended up playing in Sunset Valley and Twinbrook and fell in love with the sims there. The rest are Doctor Who and Pokémon.

GREENWOOD - Jade Greenwood and Sandi Greenwood neé French are a married couple. They have an adopted daughter, named Shimada.
BUSH - Melanie Bush and Perpugilliam Bush neé Brown are ANOTHER married couple. With another adopted daughter, named Carrotalpiam.
BULU - Nanu and Grimsley Bulu, who don't actually have canonical surnames but bleh. When I made them in CAS they had Sophocles and Acerola as their "twin" son and daughter. Eventually they adopted another son, Genesis.
HAEPOK - Brycen and Natsume Haepok don't have canonical surnames either, but they're Asian, and Haepok sounded Asian enough. They had a biological daughter together named Gashapon, and a few days later a biological son named TrapDoor.
JOVANKA - Tegan and Nyssa Jovanka are ANOTHER married couple. Nyssa does'nt have a surname because she's an (human-looking) alien. They have an adopted daughter named Neeka, who in my mind is from a third human-looking species different than either of her moms.
WILLHEIM\HERIOT\McSHANE\TOKIWA - I don't have Lunar Lakes, but Anais seemed like a cute and awesome sim. So eventually I added her in. Zoe, Ace, and Yellow came along the ride as her roommates.
BEHR\AETHER - Yuki and Lillie are yet another pair of roommates to grace Greentown, because I did'nt want to leave 'em out!
McIRISH\URSINE\DANORIS - A trio of roommates. River, Delice (the unborn baby from ts3), and Demetra AKA Silver. I could'nt leave 'em out either.
THOMAS - A friend asked me to add a crossover ship with one of her fave shows "Star Vs". Jakie Lynn and Anzu Thomas, and their adopted daughter Kirisabla.
Test Subject
#3160 Old 19th Apr 2018 at 8:00 PM
My Sim decided that he absolutely HAD to use one specific bathroom; unfortunately, that bathroom was occupied.

And as one would expect out of a logical, rational being, he went ahead and decided that the other two usable showers weren't good enough for him, and that the next best solution was to take a sponge bath in the kitchen sink in front of his family.
Lab Assistant
#3161 Old Yesterday at 7:28 AM
In my uberhood, there's a new family in Strangetown, and townie Carmen can't help but feel like she knows them. Or at least, the head of the family. She has no recollection of meeting any of them, she just feels a connection.

That connection must be requited, because as she walked past their house (something that always happens when they put up a bella squared poster, she despaired.), the elderly head of the house ran outside, slack-jawed.

"Bella! My Bella!" He cried out, and ran and swept her in his arms.

Carmen could only think of one thing.

"Who's Bella?"
Lab Assistant
#3162 Old Yesterday at 7:45 PM
I'm *finally* playing it again...
Lab Assistant
#3163 Old Today at 11:59 AM
The last rotation for Wentworth family in Emerald Heights ended with lots of broken hearts and fighting. Linnea proposed to Sebastian Rafferty, and he said yes, but later kissed Hadley in front of Linnea; Linnea broke up the engagement, and then Hadley proposed. Sebastian said yes again, but, of course, decided it was a grand idea to kiss Cecily right after that. Everybody now hates Sebastian, including Cecily. Hadley is angry at her sister and mother, but not enemies with them. Linnea slapped and attacked her mother, but, for some reason, not Hadley.
This rotation started with Linnea angrily collecting her things and moving out. She has no idea how she'll make it alone and pregnant, but she can't live with her mother anymore. She rented an apartment nearly, though, hoping that maybe Delaney would come over sometimes to help with the baby. For some reason, her welcome wagon was only one sim, and it was Sebastian. Not sure what to make out of it, yet.
Cecily hooked up with a townie named Sinjin Couderc. He is younger than three of her children, but they have three bolt chemistry and he is a romance sim as well, so they work. At one point Cecily wanted to find a roommate, and Sinjin was one of the options, so he lives with her now. They are both scared by idea of getting married and both want to see other sims as well.
Vera's "have first kiss want" rolled away. She decided that romance is not her thing and is into cooking now.
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