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Default Bonnie and Clyde challenge
the infamous 1930's criminals and thieves are you ready for the thrills and chills and thrives and drives of becoming windenbergs infamous criminals rob peoples houses shoot witnesses but most of all dont get caught if so be prepared to break free and continue your journey

1. you must make bonnie and Clyde as young adults and they both must have the klepto trait, clyde must have the active trait bonnie must have music lover trait tge last one for both is your decision.

2. the two must start off as roommates and become girlfriend and boyfriend once there boyfriend and girlfriend the must pull off there first heist you must create a bank aka as a generic lot but if if you have the snb mod you can make a bank its up to you.

rules for the heist

1. you must do it before midnight

2. you must grab at least 3 bags of cash and a set of gold bars

3. you must not have any witnesses

4. once you completed your first heist you must continue you can add 1000 dollars to your household after you successfully pull off a heist.

household funds

you must start off with 1000 dollars to help pay for your food and other needs and remodel , your home after the 1930s, once that is done whatever is left is your remainder funds until you go on a heist

more info
if caught by any townies which will be known as the police you must go to jail and figure out a plan to break out of prision, bonnie and Clyde must either a reach elder or get shot by a witness .

[violence mod, bank mod if wanted for a realistic gameplay]
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